Thursday, March 08, 2007

Help Wanted: High Risk - High Reward

Help Wanted: Seeking adventure seekers, risk takers and dare devils for dangerous mission. If you are sick of watching other people win the lottery while your place of employment is laying off, freezing bonuses and raises and you are ready to get more proactive about your financial situation then this might be for you. I do not expect all to survive but those who do will be among the richest in the world. Must be willing to travel. Bottling experience and flexible ethical standards a plus.

The Mission: Hold the world Hostage for $500 Billion Dollars

The Plan: We will create the worlds largest electrical blanket and cover the entire Continent of Antarctica. We will then run an extension cord to the southern tip of Chile and threaten to plug it in unless we receive $500 Billion dollars. If they doubt our resolve we will plug it in and flood the world taking care to bottle 250 Billion litters of our newly freed Glacier water that we will then sell to people displaced by this tragedy for $2.69 a bottle after cost to manufacture this will amount to about $500 Billion....either way we can't lose!

I figure with a white blanket we can avoid detection longer..



Serious Inquiries Only


Rocketstar said...

great idea, I assume you'll supply the parka's?

Brian in Mpls said...

We are going to hold a fundraiser at tailgate to get money for supplies...I will keep you posted

Anonymous said...

you are crazy

Say Rah! said...

love it!

Dem Soldier said...

Me, me, I'm good at with money, measurement, financial information, tax authorities...In other words, I will be the accountant....:)

Dem Soldier said...

...not by force, if you only vote for me. See, see I ain't autocratic.