Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Objects in Contexts

For example I love water. Water is good. It is refreshing. It is life. In and of itself water is perfect.

However the context of which you are given the water will dictate how you feel about the water and the person giving you a glass.

Picture the following scenarios and imaging how you would feel about the water.

You are in the desert and dying of thirst.
You have just run a long race.
You are dirty and haven't had a bath in a month and you get handed a 16oz glass of water.
It has been raining for 40 days and you are soaked, your roof is leaking and it isn't going to be stopping anytime soon.
You are drownding in the middle of a lake.

Same object different contexts. Without the object in context you can not judge the reaction.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Interesting perspective...

Ma said...

I suppose this is kind of like me really wanting to move to hawaii because I love the ocean so much - but would I really like being swept away by a tsunami? .... well maybe

Mags said...

This is all very true. The only one I'd really hate is the 40 days of sopping wet rain. I hate to be pruny.

In fact, so much so that I'd rather be drowning in a lake tham dealing with 40 days of be soggy.

Valley Girl said...

You're so deep, Bri. V. thought-proviking post.

Rocketstar said...

Water is life.

Cheri said...

Our bodies are mostly water.

The true sign of wealth is waterfront property, so I've heard.

Brutus said...

I love water. No, I mean it. When I wake up at night and satisfy my thirst with a hearty swig of cold water, I feel love. Is that all phuched up?

the108 said...

You, me... hottub naked. Whatuya say?