Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random X5 = Y-3

Live from Muffy...

Five Awesomely Random Things About Me

1.) I make the best beer cheese soup in the world and yet I am lactose intolerant and don't eat it.

2.) I have had two plastic surgeries on my nose after baseball bat decided that it wanted to pummel my face and even after two drilling explorations I still cant breathe through my right nostril and I snore like a chainsaw.

3.) One of the greatest gifts I ever received was a set of cocktails bought for me by a bar tender who knew I had no way to pay for them. It was this moment of kindness when I was at my lowest point of my life that I will remember forever. There was no shame in his gift only understanding and I wept on the way home from the bar.

4.) My iGoogle background theme is set to beach. I am a big fan of iGoogle it organizes all of the blogs I read through the viewer, my gmail and a ton of other stuff all into a single dashboard view it is amazing.

5.) I actually like the cold the windshield here was -11 this morning and it was glorious. It makes you appreciate warmth kind of like hunger and poverty make you appreciate simple things that you take for granted.


Anonymous said...

1) Me too!
2) It wasn't the baseball bat; it was the tool holding it.
3) How lovely for you. It's wonderous to let oneself become so humble that you could receive his gift. I have done this - incidentally, in Santa Cruz. Having freed oneself of humanity's shackles but for the one of becoming maximally poisoned By Choice, but later again willing to submit oneself to them again.
4) I dislike the beach except for the natural science observational and experiential angles of it. I was trained as a biologist and geologist.
5) It's lovely to visit Mpls for moments like these, but even more lovely to be able to live - or fly to - somewhere else in the winter time. I'm gonna try out those downtown MSP tunnels this winter after a night of blinding inebriation, then be able to safely walk back to my hotel and sleep it off. Bless you, master of Inebriated Experience, for having guided us your sheep.

Rocketstar said...

I always wondered why you had such a pretty nose.

it was 56 degress and sunny here man. I'd tell you to move here, but I know how much you like culture and Mpls has much more than Denver.

SARAH said...

there are tunnels in mpls!?

Mags said...

Haa, haa...Rocket's funny. :)

I actually love the cold too! I just took an icy cold walk around my new block, and now my cheeks are all rosy.

Brian in Mpls said...

S: There is the skyway system.

EC said...

awww, that bar story is sweet! Makes me want to go do something nice for someone now ;)

Ma said...

5) ew! I want to fight people when it gets cold - I get angry and violent when the cold wind bites at my skin!