Friday, November 16, 2007

Tagged - Seven Random Things About Me

Got this from Life of a Valley Girl..

1.) I read post secret every week and this week one was about liking the smell of your pee after you drink I drank a bunch of coffee and waited to pee to see what it smelled like

2.) I liked it

3.) I hate the Hills, the Real Housewives of Orange County or any other show where I am forced to watch and admire regular people because they are rich and have big boobs...they make me want to vomit

4.)I have two cats Alfie and Stoli

5.) Tonight I am doing a blind tasting for Vodkas and I am kind of nervous about it.

6.)I read a book a week, I just finished a class on Organizational Behavior last night. I don't like to celebrate holidays, I don't like going to the Mall and I am good at paper scissors rock...we will let that roll into one since some of you know somethings and others know others.

7.) I am making a pan of tator tot hotdish for dinner tonight:)


Rocketstar said...

Get out the Chipotle suace brohter mmmmmmmmhhhhhh

Ma said...

urine smell and asparagus don't mix well...not sure about coffee

Valley Girl said...

Gasp @ #3! =(