Monday, November 19, 2007


I can think of few things more unsettling then seeing a pubic hair on the toilet seat knowing that you have to sit down on it.

We all have them...

We all know there has been countless dropped on every seat..

But it is someone elses..

And for some reason requires me to shower afterward


Mags said...

Well...I think it depends on WHO's pube it is...I mean, if it's my lover's (really said, Luva!) then it's ok. But when I go to a friends house and see one on the seat-ick. Never know WHO's that could be.

Or where it's been.

lauren said...

Yeah, for some reason even wiping down the seat doesn't quite get it clean enough. In those situations, I usually squat. Not gonna lie.

Pythia3 said...

Hey, the things that are visible are the least of my's all the things we can't see...yewwwwww!