Friday, August 22, 2008

Letting the Bullpen Call The Game

First let me explain the bullpen, pantry and forbidden garden.

I will start with the analogy of the bullpen because I think it is the easiest to follow and understand. A bullpen is filled with relief pitchers. People who step in when the starter is tired and not doing so well. All guys in this world and from what I understand all girls have bullpens. Significant others waiting in the wings to step in and pitch an inning in our lives.

This is in our DNA, our evolutionary make up. Potential partners we cultivate on the side through flirting, humor, banter all in the guise of friendship.

You have a set of guys waiting in the bullpen, you are in someone else bullpen. You might not know it but you are in there....warming up.

Don't believe me? Make a pass at them and see what happens.

"My friend isn't like that...he is married!"

Since when do married men stop having fantasies about other women?

They might not do anything about it, but they cultivate the potential to do something about it never the less.

The trick is recognizing this fact and if you value your relationship or potential relationship take steps to avoid it.

If you wouldn't do it or say it in front of the woman you are dating...don't say it don't do it. (This is a good indicator that you are working on a prospect)

And you probably should not let your bullpen call your game or give you advice..remember they are more concerned with pitching an inning then making sure you win the game.


Coconut said...

I think that's true. When I know a relationship isn't gonna last, I always have someone in the sidelines to lessen the blow when the current relationship ends. Wow, I'm such a bitch!

Rocketstar said...
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Rocketstar said...

Right on.

This is maybe the biggest reason why we care how we look. We want to look good to check to see if we could spread our seed elsewhere in the event we are no longer with our current partner.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I agree with this fully. I find that instead of getting people in the bullpen, I really just flirt to know that I can still do it--to keep those faculties going. Plus, it's fun.

But that doesn't mean that the minute Mic and I would break up that I would be on them like white on rice, nor is there ever the intention of that. Which I guess is misleading to the people I flirt with, but can't we all just have a good time without having a definite end in mind?

Brian in Mpls said...

lol...that is the point there is no definite end in mind just the cultivation of possiblities