Saturday, August 23, 2008

Science Application

I had an interesting argument with a man today. He was telling me about my life in Freudian terms and how if I changed my belief system to a faith based one my life would improve.

This lead us into a scientific discussion on his diagnostic method, biology and evolution.

I found it interesting that this christian man would believe in the therapeutic methods of Freud as scientific evidence and still refuse to believe in evolution.

I am always baffled when people fail to see this dilemma in their lives.

You either believe in the scientific approach to understanding the world or you don't.

You can not pick and choose what topics it applies to.

I also must reconsider having my instant messaging id on this blog.


Thomas said...

A Christian lady is having a similar issue with yours truly. She wants me to take the entire Bible as the word of God while I feel there's only a few parts here and there that are truly genuine.

Cheri said...

I believe in evolution and I believe in God, whatever paradox that may be. When it confuses me I just put it out of my mind and trust in my own faith of God to sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Cheri, that is absolutely not a paradox. If we start talking about the Big Bang and singularity, it fits together quite nicely.

Christianity or belief and God and belief and love of science are not mutually exclusive. If you start thinking about plurality, the purpose of each is to explain something completely different. When science aims to explain god or religion aims to explain science, neither succeed.