Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Fixed a leaky shower and installed shut off values for the bathroom.

Watched: No Reservations....yawn


Walked to the Farmers Market.

Went for a jog along the falls

Read: Lap Dancers Dont Take Checks by Vince Megna. A great no-nonsense law book. Quick read and well worth your time.

Watched: 21. I love vegas. I love math. I loved this book. This movie should not have been a hard sell. Yet it was, the main actor was just not believable. I thought this movie sucked. If it wasn't for Kate Bosworth in this movie I would have shut it off.


Roller Bladed around Lake Nokomis

Watched the Twins Game @ Tailgate


Rocketstar said...

Here her on 21, dissappointing

Rachel said...

While I didn't hate 21, I didn't love it either.

Thomas said...

I also was let-down by 21. I found out later that the movie was VERY LOOSELY based on facts (most of what was shown didn't actaully happen).

Sornie said...

21 did star Kevin Spacey so that explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

What a relaxing weekend!!

I watched No Reservations too. Some movies, like this one, completely void of chemistry--they're just painful to watch.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Good job on the exercise.

Sarah said...

am i the only one who liked that movie? i am a fan of KS though...

Mags said...

I hate Keifer Sutherland. I've never watched the show because of it-so therefore, I would never watch the movie.

He's got such ugly feet.

And yes. That's why I initially started hating him.