Thursday, August 28, 2008


With the RNC coming into full swing in the twin cities I can't help but wonder how stoned the committee members must have been when they choose the mascot for their parties. An Elephant and a Donkey? Really? The most powerful country in history and this is what you come up with?


You know the ones that stand (supposedly) for small government, anti-abortion, trimming waste decided to pick the biggest land animal on earth with an interesting habit of infanticide to be their mascot? It is not even an American animal. It is not like there are herds of Elephants roaming the prairies of middle America. It is a symbol of Africa which ironically is a place that most republicans don't seem to care much about.


A donkey? really? All this talk about bi-partisanship and you pick one of the most stubborn docile animals on the planet. I understand you are supposed to be representing the working man but what was wrong with a horse? Already taken?

I think one of them should have picked a big-foot. You always hear stories that they are out there doing things but no one has ever seen them or caught them on tape actually doing things. Or what about a tiger? Lion? Buffalo?

China has a dragon that breathes fire and you come to the table with a donkey.

Would you believe with our current political landscape I actually feel bad for the donkey and the elephant? Soiling their good names in the animal kingdom. I wonder if they get laughed at by the other animals.

If you had to create a mascot for each party based on the current political seen which animal would you pick for each party and why?

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Travis Erwin said...

Nice points. I never really though about this but you are right.