Friday, August 01, 2008


I am a battery,
In a dimming corporate flashlight.
Inserted in a cubical cocoon,
To extract wattage from my brain,
In exchange for all this nothingness.

I am in the matrix.
Coded by manners,
Social norms.
Enforced by passive aggressive,
Verbal whipping,
and ostracize -ation.
Bless you Mr. Smith.

I am a model.
Everyday I am in a fashion show,
A fitness contest,
A car show,
Trade journal,
Better homes and gardens.
I always score at the bottom.

I am page 398 news.
They must be out of ink.
Nothings there.
Like my story never existed.
It isn't reader friendly.
Like I never mattered.

(Sometimes I wondered if my hatred of all of this nothingness around me is because I have been enlightened to the point where I can reject it on my own terms or is because I am jealous that I don't have more better, newer and I am trying to appease my damaged ego....I wonder if it can be both)

Brian in Minneapolis
Bizzio Von Stuffensnatch (1977 - )


Thomas said...

Stuffensnatch, huh? Doing that tends to put a smile on my face for some reason...

Reggie said...

I feel like I should hold a cigarette lighter in the air or something...

Rocketstar said...

I vote for your enlightenment, most people don't give a second thought to this kind of stuff.

Robin said...

Love it. My vote is for enlightenment as well.

Anonymous said... be operational in a matrix, you are shaped by the rules. I don't think any of us are so enlightened that we shape those rules. As long as value = things in our society, that will perpetuate how a lot of us behave. Everytime I think I'm beyond it, I catch myself looking at the newest designer shoes--yes, some for the aesthetic, but also because of who I will be when I wear those shoes.

That said, in this economy along with mounting credit card debt, anyone can project that appearance, so scarcity of goods is less, and it is shows more value to conserve. Kinda like cooking for someone in your home seems to hold much more value than taking them out for a fancy dinner--because nobody does it anymore.

scargosun said...

I don't think it can be both at the same time. I think it probably swings back and forth according to the day.

Mags said...

Reason #5893430 why I love you:

Brian in Minneapolis
Bizzio Von Stuffensnatch (1977 - )