Friday, August 15, 2008

The Munchies Factor

I am in self debate right now about switching from drinking to smoking pot. The pluses of smoking pot...

1.) Less expensive
2.) O - Calories (saves my wallet and my gut)
3.) Relaxed feeling
4.) No hang overs
5.) Better for my ulcer

The negatives
1.) Stigma - Some people look down on pot smokers for some reason
2.) Possible jail time
3.) Missed social aspect (One of my favorite things about drinking is it gets you out of the house and if you smoke pot you are kind of forced to be a hermit.)
4.) Munchies might make calorie saving over drinking a mute point.

Make the change or not make the change?

Maybe I will have to do some research this weekend.


Robin said...

Make the change so I can live vicariously through you. Those days are long gone for me.

Rocketstar said...

The Negatives
1. Those people are morons
2. Less than an ounce in MN is only a ticket, no jail
3. You can do both ;o)
4. Real stoners don't get the munchies, eat then smoke up, then eat carrots or something healthy for the munchies. A large glass of water helps as well.

You know where I fall on this one.

Purest Green said...

One on the plus side: Pot can increase sensual sensitivity. Slow....down...

Bill From Gainesville said...

Mix it up ...and feel lucky that you dont have a job that drug tests....

JLee said...

Don't make the'll get fat and lazy ;)

Ma said...

(in homer simpson like voice) "Mmmmm pot"


( . )( . ) said...

I am a lover of alcohol.... but I used to smoke pot like no bodys business, and its all about how you are when you are stoned.

I used to still go out, be stupid etc etc just like when I was drunk, so it would be much of a muchness to me. I just cant smoke it now... drug tests with work n all that. So I am stuck with drinking and things that leave your system quicker!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure either are a good idea. Maybe a good running program is a better idea than either. :P

You've also forgotten the overall slow feeling--lethargy, which results in even less calories burned.

And the taxes to mental acuity--at least that happens with me.