Friday, August 14, 2009

Remember the Abacus

I was typing a report of technical implementation we are doing at work and suddenly I found it odd that I am using all of this technology to record something using these letters. A system of communication although evolved that has been around for thousands of years.

I thought of the abacus of roman numerals I thought of the archaic systems we had to put to rest in order to progress.

I wonder if the same thing will ever happen with written language.

Some other way of communicating, of leaving a record, of passing on information that will supplant these measly letters.

Perhaps in a You-Tube, Voice Search activated world these feeble markings will disappear in the fog of memory just like the abacus


Mags said...

It's bound to happen, I would say. Though I can't imagine it now...but I'm sure the ancients didn't imagine a world like we know either.

I like to say the word abacus.

Rocketstar said...

All information will become 1's and 0's as humans merge with machines.

Jenn'fer said...

I think that there's good news here:

1)The abacus is not extinct... even in the US... go to Chinatown in Chicago, NYC, or San Francisco and you'll see them in use in shops!

2) Roman Numerals went missing because of the inability to express less than whole numbers, it no longer met the needs of it's users. Intersting fact: There is no Zero in roman numerals... a problem for early mathemticians...

3) If words remain a way for us to communicate (and until telepathic abilities are bred into future generations)... then a physical manifestation of the aural means of communication should exist...

So, while books may all be electronic, and magazines may be online, there will probably always be words and letters (rather than pictures and videos) as a way of recording information.