Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take Out

Sunday I was hung over and jonesing for some kung pao chicken. Being disheveled and unshowered for two days I narrowed my options down to a few dives I have wanted to try.

I settled on some joint on Nicollet and 48th street and walked in.

The first thing I noticed is that all Chinese restaurants seem to have the same food pictures on the wall. Like they are all owned by some single person with just varying names in the titles of the stores. It started to feel like a conspiracy but I slowly got past that and began small talk with the woman at the counter.

I left impressed, not with the food which was average at best but with the spirit of the place.

Here was a group of people who immigrated to the United States can barley speak English and they are owning and operating their own business. Why am I so scared to do the same? I think having lost everything and having fought to survive the aftermath has made me risk adverse which is a problem since I know to achieve the kind of success that I want I can't be in that mind set.

How do I get past that point of fear?



Rocketstar said...

I think it will take the right idea and you'll be off. We just need an unstoppable idea, otherwise the risk is most likley not worth the investment, at least for me.

Ma said...

I have a GREAT idea!!!! and we'll make millions, but I'm not gonna disclose it here in a comment

1st - what are you afraid of?
2nd - why?
3rd - life is too short.... dive in head first, what can you really loose if you've already lost everything?
4th - believe in yourself!!!!!

Aunt Katherine said...

The cliche "timing is everything" is true, at least has been for me. I agree w/Rocket that when the idea hits - at the right time - there will be no stopping you. That and you are young, Brian, and learning and one day everything will intersect into something just right. Soak up everything you can until then...books, people, experiences. I'm 57 and am figuring out my third career...the French call this period The Fourth Chapter.

Aunt Katherine said...

...you are lucky enough to be at Chapter One of life.

Sundar said...

Hey, is that the place on Nicollete that has no seating? Just a take-out place, right? I have been there - had some lo-mein which was actually pretty good.

Jenn'fer said...

Find somehting you love to do Biz... if you don't make money at it for a while, it will still pay off emotionally. Eventually the money comes, if you are good at it and passionate about it. Therewere days in my career that even if I won the lottery, I'd consider keeping my job. Not anymore.