Friday, August 07, 2009

Sorry Guys...

Anyone who knows me knows I am notorious for not answering my phone.

1.) I am partially deaf so if it is in another room I just don't hear it.

2.) My stucco house has really crappy reception

3.) I usually have it on vibrate but then tend to take it out of my pocket alot so it makes it a moot point.

Some where over the last few days - (must have been drinking heavily if you can believe that)

I changed my voice mail message to say...

"Sorry I can't come to the phone... I am too busy waiting for you to can you please get on with it"

Missed calls included....

My school rep
My mother
My grandmother
A co-worker


One of my bosses....

I need to have someone start taking my phone from me after the 3rd


Rocketstar said...

Wasn't it nice before cell phones... They do have positives but I miss the seclusion.

Sundar said...

And here I thought drunk-dialing was the worst