Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Balloon Boy?


Community is outraged because of the tie up in police resources?

1.)People always say what if there was a real emergency? Well what if there was a real emergency? Could I sue a cop who was eating in a restaurant and late to a someone breaking into my house? Lets look at all of the major disasters this country has faced...what are the chances that a disaster would happen in Colorado that would consume all available resources at a given moment? Pretty fucking low.

Here is a fun game to play even in a big city or especially in a smaller community.

Go to your towns\city\county or how every your taxes roll-up to pay for your police department.

Find out how many police are employed by your tax dollars and then how many reported incidents they responded to,....remember reported is different then citations issued. Since most communities employee a police force 24 hours a day you can figure out the rate of incident per hour or per day per officer. You will get an interesting number...take my word for it. Now factor in the citation rate...cops pulling people over for speeding, no seat belts ect. you will see another interesting number.

Instead of being outraged the community should be happy. Their resources got a free drill. The community got a break from officers protecting the public by stopping people for expired tabs and reporters finally got a store they could get their head around. If you want to cover a hoax that has extorted trillions of dollars out of the America public do an expose on religion in America and leave the balloon people alone.


Narkissos said...

thanx! finally! someone got a voice!
well said brion........

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well said.