Friday, October 02, 2009

This Weekend is It for MN Sports!!

I don't think I have ever felt so much excitement in the City of Minneapolis as I do going into this if it would just stop raining

People are starting to pour into town for several events that promise tons of drinking, bag tossing, tailgating, and down right shenanigans.

Twins Still in it and could win the division if they win out and Detroit loses.
(At any rate it is the last weekend Baseball will be played at the dome...Lets go Twins!!)

Friday - Uptown for the Birthday boy!!

Saturday Morning - Twins Cities Marathon (I actually hate this cause they jack up all the roads around my house for these healthy little fuckers)

Saturday 11:00am Gophers vs. Badger @ the new TCF staduim - Holla - I will be downtown @ a bar hit me on the chip if you are in the area.

Saturday 6:10 Twins

Sunday Twins!! Football!!

Monday Night: Vikings vs Packers

Tuesday Night: Wild Home Opener

Can't wait to see all of my Wisconsin peeps in town for this weekend. Lets get rocked :)


Emily said...

Can't wait!!!!

Rocketstar said...

That Green and Gold vs. the Purple shoudl be fun