Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tale of Two Cities

Twins Tigers and a comment that really pissed me off yesterday.

"Tigers deserve to win because of what is happening in Detroit. The city needs this more then Minneapolis."


This is sports not charity and the team that trains the hardest, shows the most effort, makes the fewest mistakes and works together is the the team that wins.

Yesterday that was the Twins.

Now don't get me wrong I feel for Detroit they are on hard times right now.

But I couldn't help but think that quote and the attitude behind it was part of the problem.

Hard work, innovation, good management are going to beat hand-outs over the long run.

If teams win not because of how they compete but because of other factors every body loses...teams don't get better, the league doesn't get better.

#2) Lesson in money(City) management - Diversification


Rocketstar said...

What an assanine comment

MaryBeth Hughes said...

go twins!!

GingerMandy said...

i live in detroit, and i'd say this comment is a perfect demonstration of WHY our city is in the position it's in. all the fucktards who live in the city would rather have everything handed to them and done for them instead of getting off their lazy, alcoholic, drug-induced, 3 baby momma asses and get a fucking job and do something. and then say "oh poor us, everyone forgot about detroit and is letting us rot."

ummm no. i love the tigers as much as the next detroiter, but i hate detroiters in the worst way.

can you tell this gets me all riled up? haha. our city is full of useless dolts.

Travis Erwin said...

You tell 'em.

Sornie said...

That would fit well for preposterous statement of the year. Just because a city "deserves" it more doesn't mean that their team, who lost, should just get the win. Sports aren't a charity. They are a competitive business.