Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Five Quick Things

Bitter feeling last night as the perfect kickball season went down in flames in the first round of the championship.

The over popularization of bacon is starting to drift to the Jon and Kate end of the annoyance meter. Yeah it tastes good...but in the end it is just a pork belly.

The more I study for this course I am taking the more I want to get my JD after I finish my masters.

My over reliance on computers and spell check has left my penmanship and spelling in a terrible state. I need to start writing everyday and looking words up again. Anyone want a pen pal? Seriously.

This weekend looks to be another great time. Halloween, Vikings\Packers I am off on Friday....Can't wait.


Rocketstar said...

but damn, bacon is soooo good but I draw the line at bacon ice cream.

Jenn'fer said...

mmmmmmm BACON! I drew the line at the cocktail they make at Town Talk Diner with Bacon grease...

You can always pass me notes Biz - I could use a bit of penmanship practice as well... my hand cramps up when I need to write more than 2 sentences at a stretch.... youch!

GingerMandy said...

the cult following behind bacon will be the death of me. the annoyance of jon and kate doesn't even give a halfway decent comparison to the annoyance that is people obsessed with bacon.

it even exists in the comments. you wrote about what, 5 things in your post? yet all the comments focus on bacon.

effing bacon.