Friday, October 23, 2009

Candians and Their Stupid Quarters

Living in Minnesota I think there is a large conspiracy of Canadians who come over the border and flood the city with their change to gain the 4% profit on the exchange rate....I can't prove it but I know they are there.

#1) Awesome spot downtown only have to plug the meter until 8 tonight then it is free, I have just enough change in my car change jar to do it....except after I get down to the last quarter I realize it is a Canadian Quarter and won't work in the machine....F@#$%.

#2) Walked into Super America made a purchase and got $1.13 back. The cashier asked if it was ok if he gave me the dollar back in quarters since he was waiting on I walk out the building holding the change he just gave me I noticed the current lottery jackpot and though why not so I walked back in...still holding the change and asked for a ticket...gave him the four quarters he just gave me..."I am sorry sir we don't accept Canadian Quarters...Do you have another quarter"

I was really proud of myself for not jumping over the counter and beating the living crap out of him. I just chose instead to stick my Canadian Quarter where the sun don't inside of the credit card reader at the gas pump


bikramyogachick said...

Oh I can totally relate! I spent the first ten years of my life in Vermont and totally remember my dad bitching about the same thing! :)

PurestGreen said...

The same thing happens in Canada - we end up with American quarters. But when you try to use them at the grocery store... no problem. I've never had one handed back to me. One more notch for the incredible accepting nature of Canadians.

Rocketstar said...


Mich said...

im with PurestGreen in this one... we have the same damn problem.... and none of the american coins work in vending machines either!

Narkissos said...

we are facing it too brian, but like purestgreen said, we ARE incredibly accommodating.......:)we are way too nice to grumble..........:)