Tuesday, December 27, 2005

100 Things About Me

Here is 100 about me that you may or may not know....this has been borrowed lovingly from Dawn who stole it from who has stolen it from.....

100.) Favorite winter drink - Tuxedo (Gin, Sherry, Oranage Bitter)
99.) Favorite summer drink - Cucumber Martini - Hendrix Gin, Cucumber
98.) Favorite night cap - Coffee Martini
97.) Favorite morning start - Bloody Mary
96.) Best all around - wine, I love wine red or white it really doesn't matter
95.) I hate beer
94.) If I am drinking beer it is because I have to drive, I am poor, I am around people who I have to keep my guard up
93.) I don't eat potatoe chips if they have green on them or brown spots
92.) I like to make sandwiches with pretzles and BBQ lays chips
91.) I used to smoke camels (pack a day) (prior to Camels was GPC lights don't ask way) I quit the first Friday of September 2005
90.) Everynight I put on headphones and dance (This is how I destress)
89.) I am a good dancer!!!!
88.) If I am really stressed or heavy with thought I go for a long walk
87.) I snore but I hate sleeping with other snorers
86.) My father was killed in a car accident when I was 10
85.) He was hit by a drunk driver
84.) I have driven drunk
83.) My parents were divorced
82.) I have one sister she is two years younger
81.) She lives in CO
80.) We have not talked in a year
79.) I am now 28
78.) My birthday is December 30th
77.) I prefer dark haired women
76.) My first concert I ever went too was Metalica Justice for All
75.) I don't think Martain Lawerance is funny
74.) Clubs make me want to puke even though I used to be in them all the time
73.) I shower from the top down washing my hair, then washing my face, then my body.....lets take a minute and picture this...lol
72.) I am a little hard of hearing..seriously
71.) I have been to Iceland and sat in the Blue Lagoon and horse backed through the volcanos
70.) I have been to Spain and drank wine and more wine
69.) I have been to Mexico 3 times and the UK
68.) I have been to Puerto Rico, Canada, All 48 mainland states
67.) I like to swim but rarely do
66.) I love to go to school....I will be in class until I die.the class room makes me feel alive. I know I am sick
65.) I saw one of my friends shoot another friend on accident.
64.) I have the mickeys twist off logo tattooed on my arm.
63.) I got it when I was 16 after I helped a friend of a friend who was starting a tattoo parlor move a dentist chair.
62.) I have had one treatment getting it removed.
61.) It does hurt worse coming off
60.) I think tattoos are static and life is dynamic so I am against them now.
59.) I used to collect mad magizines I have every issue from 1982 to 1992
58.)When I was 13 KARE 11 news followed me around for 4 weeks and documented me trying to quit smoking
57.) I still have the tape if anyone wants to see it.
56.) On two occasions I paid to have professional do home repairs that I took credit for.
55.) I have a hard time letting people get close to me.
54.)I don't think eating meat is wrong, but I have never been able to kill an animal.
53.) I have been hunting 12 times and the last three times I went I didn't even load my gun.
52.) I have never been downhill skiing
51.) I am taking Karate
50.)I have been in 3 "real" fights in my life
49.) I lost the only one that I started
48.)It was over a girl and I was trying to be tough...ops
47.) I have never started a fight since then.
46.)I have broken a mans nose in a fight
45.) I have had my nose broken in a fight
44.)Sometimes I don't speak up when stuff really bothers me
43.) I wear tinted mostierizer because I blush really easy
42.)The last concert I was at was fleetwood mac
41.)I hate watching sports on TV, but love going to the game
40.) I hate buying people wedding presents
39.)I like the sound that is made when you put air in your tires
38.) I hate putting air in my tires
37.)I love the following smells top soil, gasoline, Chocolate, Fire in the Fall, Sex, Mulch, Fresh cut grass, cigars, brandy and vanilla bean noel lotion.
36.) I enjoy folding clothes
35.) I hate ironing
34.) I like to rake and move the leaves across my yard in a line and put them in piles
33.) I hate bagging those piles
32.) I prefer to shovel even though I have a sweet snowblower
31.) I talk to 2 people almost every day for the past 3 years and I have never met them, we don't even live in the same country and yet I count them as amoung my closest friends.
30.) I don't have someone I consider my best friend
29.) I like fake Christmas trees, I think they are fitting
28.) I read a book a week
27.) I always try to be better than I was the day before
26.) I watched the United States of LeLand last night and loved it. (I like to watch weird movies)
25.) I have seen every Cary Grant Movie
24.) I have seen every Hitchcock movie
23.) I sleep in Pajamas well just the bottoms
22.) The first girls I kissed was named Juliet for real
21.) I made a basket to be able to do it(She said if you make the next basket you can kiss me and I did)
20.) I am a good kisser
19.) I work as an Analyst.....so I analyze
18.) I love to read reseach papers on genetics and other scientific topics
17.) I like to argue about religion and politics even though I can hear my moms voice constantly rining in the background that it is in poor taste
16.) My favorite hang-outs include pepitos, the local, the lounge and nyes
15.) I am a morning and a night person its the middle that I can do without.
14.) I love to just say outrangous stuff to get a reaction out of people.
13.) 10 and 2 feels good....real men don't mind penatration
12.) I am a leg man...i like legs
11.) I have done or been a part of three things in my life I will take to the grave.
10.) I am super good at keeping a secret even though the impression is otherwise
9.) I have never told anybody the exact amount of people that I have slept with
8.) I enjoy listening to MPR, Classical Music and the Buena Vista Social Club
7.) I don't like taking baths something about lying in your own filth that freaks me out
6.) I stay in the shower for super long periods of time. I usually plan my whole day in there
5.) When I was little I wanted to be a cowboy or a race car driver....then james bond...then scareface now I want to be me
4.)I used to love duck tales the cartoon not the hair cut
3.) I hate fishing....I just don't get it
2.) I usually sit on the floor when I watch TV even though I have a sweet couch
1.) I sometimes uses periods and sometimes not and then there are others that use use me. (This was harder to do than I though....but I still have favorite quotes and junk like that to push me through)


dawnmarie said...

100. Gin? really? You like drinking Christmas Trees?
96. i [heart] white wine, i don't like the bitterness of red though.
95. me too
91. I used to smoke marlboro reds. I quit on August 24th, 2002.
89. I know you can! I said so in my Spanish final!
78. Happy Birthday!
73. I'll pass on picturing it, thanks.
43. *giggle*
41. The only sport I can watch on TV is baseball. But I love going to almost all sports, except basketball.
17. no kidding? Never would have guessed.
14. no kidding? Never would have guessed.
7. Well, seriously, how dirty are you?
[i]this was a really long comment[/i]

Brian in Mpls said...

The only gin I like i Henricks if they don't have it it is on to the Vodka....which after this last week and thought of liquor makes me want to puke...it was a long holiday!!

Number 101 I like long comments...lol

Matthew Anderson said...

Brian, Gretchen Williamson gave me the link to your blog. Pretty funny stuff, man. I look forward to reading your future posts. I added a link to your site on my blog. Later.

Brian in Mpls said...

Sweet! How you doing at 8400? I will add a link to yours too.

Matthew Anderson said...

Doing well. I'm still the designated, "Oh, you're the guy that can do neat things, can you do this?" guy; however, it's getting better.

Mags said...

Learned lots about you today...loved reading these.

Anonymous said...

I love that you read my updates cause I read your 100 things about me awhile back and nearly died at your randomness...I loved it
Hey on a side note...you really wrote a book? Any advice to me? I'm starting to get frustrated with not being able to find an agent. I refuses to give up but then I saw you wrote a book and thought, hey, just maybe you could give some direction to a girl you should potentially date? Hee hee :-)

Valley Girl said...

Let's see: Hitchcock and Cary Grant movies, international travel, wine... you are my long-lost soul mate! Are you single? *blush*