Monday, January 02, 2006

Moment in Time Entries Explained

Moment in time entries are a method for telling a short story. It works like this

Step one: The whole day is written on strips in 15 chucks of time. For example 6:00-6:15 pm
Step two: Put all of the strips in a hat and pull out 6 strips. (If any two are back to back 15 minute windows draw again)

Step Three: Write down the order that you picked them.(You have to write and publish the story in the order that you picked the strips)

Step Four: Pick a word this word has to be alluded too or mentioned(Although it can be indirect in every entry) I use dirty words for instance I picked Pee for my current one you will see it mentioned in every entry. Everybody has a different way of picking words some just flip through the dictionary, pick out of a hat or just say here is my word..

Step Five: Pick a day and write about that day at that time(The time on the card)So if I picked Friday and 6:15-6:30pm on Friday at that time I would write a story class you did this all in one day but since I am lazy I am doing it every Friday for six Fridays

Best story wins.....

Kind of a blend of R. Kelly's Rap Opera, 24, Mad Libs etc....It is fun to do and kind of different..

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