Friday, February 03, 2006


This is from Rocket...Funny thing about this is for some reason I feel the need to embelish my responses so that my life seems more interesting and edgy, to the point that I went through this a second time and changed 7 of these answers to reflect the truth where I was going to falsify information to make myself seem cool....just an interesting aside, why do I feel the need to do that?

Last as of 7:30 this morning

Last Alcoholic Drink:: Beer...Honey Weiss(sp):)
Last Car Ride:: To work
Last Kiss:: Thursday Routine Kiss...
Last Good Cry:: Watched crash like two weekends ago and the scene where the daughter runs in front of the gun because she has her magic cloak on made me lose it.
Last Library Book checked out:: Don Quixote spanish extra credit
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: Fun with Dick and Jane
Last Book Read:: Cockburns Agile Development\ Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival
Last Movie Rented:: Unfortuantly it was the Ring II, even more unfortuatly was the fact that I watched the whole thing.
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: Fucking Asshole
Last Beverage Drank:: non-alcohal was diet cherry coke
Last Food Consumed:: black bean nachos
Last Phone Call:: From Mom
Last TV Show Watched:: Family Guy
Last Time Showered:: 5:45am this morning
Last Shoes Worn:: Brown
Last CD Played:: James Blunt
Last Item Bought:: Pack of certs @ SA
Last Download:: webcam for myspace and backroom
Last Annoyance:: My shoe laces are all messed up, knotted, couldn't get them off...uggg
Last Disappointment:: Can I say my review with all the people who read this at work? I was just disappointed in myself for not being agrssive enough.
Last Thing Written:: Does this count? No..then letter to Anne..PS I need your new address:)
Last Key Used:: House Key or ")" if you want to be technical
Last Word Spoken:: technical, I say out loud everything I type. Anyone who has webcamed with me after a few drinks will laugh at this.
Last Sleep:: Last night, I fell asleep around 12:15,Got up at 5am today.
Last Sexual Fantasy:: Something to do with Anna and Kelley pillow fighting in highheels then squirting honey all over each othr and licking it off.....brb
Last Weird Encounter:: Sent a weird email to someone I barley know...
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia
Last Time Amused:: Quote Rocket Sent me or that onion thing rocket send me or the outsourcing article rocket sent me...Rock you amuse
Last Time Wanting To Die (figuratively):: On my drive home last night, but that's another posting for another day
Last Time Hugged:: Last night maybe? or Josh and something to do with Ants?
Last Time Scolded:: I usually am pretty good at blocking this out...but I have been getting the silent treatment for a few days now.
Last Chair Sat In:: My desk chair at work.
Last bowel movement:: 11:15am de la tarde
Last Underwear Worn:: boxers that have blue and white stripes
Last Shirt Worn:: Right now pink with little white checkers
Last website visited::


dawnmarie said...

11:15am de la maƱana.

anna is 19 babe. 19. And I'm pretty sure Kelley hugged you last night. Although the frequent hugs about ants were amusing.

Brian in Mpls said...

How did I pass? Why am I taking Spanish again? Am I mad?

Age is nothing but a

Although I admit to dragging a little today

dawnmarie said...

hee. You amuse me. Age is nothing but a number. true. although I would also like to throw the mormonism into the mix and see how that affects things.

Brian in Mpls said...

Damn i hate it when other people are right...

Rocketstar said...

Who is James Blunt?

Brian in Mpls said...

kind of coldplay meets bob dylan

love his new album...i will bring it in on monday and you can check it out and rip it if you want

Brian in Mpls said...

Maybe it is a match made in heaven....have you noticed the adds that I have been inspiring lately?

karphosite said...

This is soo need my new adress? well I don't have acess to my new flat till 1st of Mrach so its ok to use the old one for then..btw I signed the contract for the flat yesterday..its as beautiful as I could have hoped for..everything I had put on the ordr to th universe has been granted..details in the letter..and no I didn't post it yet *blush*
I really miss our chats..please lock on yahoo again from time to time..its the only messenger that works on my friend's computer.

Lobe u
xxx Anne