Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nice to meet you

Can I really be freinds with someone
I don't really know?
Sometimes I thought knew
I would see
Glimpes of light
Like holes punched in a box
So a caged animal can breath
Inbetween the lines
The nervous laughter
The dirty jokes
The drinking
The hard exteriors
I accumulated pieces of you
Over the years
A friend puzzle
All edge pieces
I guess about the center
One day I hope you can tell me
I hope I can be the friend you need
I am not going to be the one
To tell you what you want to hear
That cheats us both
You could say this about me too
I will show you mine
If you show me yours

My name is Brian...And it is nice to meet you.


Rocketstar said...

You just gave me my idea for my next post, something that you will get to experience again, maybe the greatest feeling in the whole world.

Stay tuned, sucka !

Brian in Mpls said...

This reminded you of a blow job?

Rocketstar said...

Hehehe lol.

Say Rah! said...


Megsta said...


FACE said...

My name is Edward and it's nice to meet you 2!

Dem Soldier said...

Dem here, nice to meet U....

Brian in Mpls said...

It is an honor to meet all of you:)