Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So tired I can't sleep.
Restless has a double meaning.
This bed is too big now.
Alarm clock too bright.
I can't slow my thoughts down.
They seem to come faster,
When I shut my eyes.
People, Places, Tasks, Regrets.
I can still get four hours of sleep.
To do lists, check boxes, stress.
If I just keep my eyes shut,
I will be able to sleep.
I can trick myself,
Into believing I slept.
I can still get a half hour.
I can work on a half hour.
I have done it before.
I finaly feel like I could sleep.
The Alarm goes off.


Rocketstar said...

The trick I use, is one, don't lay in bed awake, get up and read.

Second thing, DO NOT look at the clock, always think that it is early and you have plenty of time to sleep. Otherwise the anxiety to go to sleep keeps you from actually going to sleep.

Or take a couple more shots of Jagermeister.

Rocketstar said...
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Brian in Mpls said...

Maybe that was my problem my house is dry right now. I have to go to the store, drank my last bottle of wine last night.

It is so weird the power the clock has over me...like I am drawn to it it like a tractor beam or medusa's stare..I feel like I have to look..to bad it can't turn me to stone

theresa said...

I'll have more comments for this later.

For now, Happy Valentine's Day

Megsta said...

sounds like you could have used one of my yummy carmel treats last night - would have knocked ya right out!

Brian in Mpls said...

i might have to get one from you:) maybe we could market them and go worldwide...lol

Brian in Mpls said...

Theresa:) Hope you are well:) Happy Valentines day:)

Say Rah! said...

bri, this may sound really lame, but try laying on your back looking straight up at the ceiling. concentrate hard enough on that and you won't have other thoughts running through your head. i can never keep my eyes open very long.

all the other standard advice does nothing for me, and i'm a clock watcher too.

theresa said...

As a quasi-insomniac, I understand this all too well.

Usually I make up stories and develop the plot as much as I can until I drift off. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.

Rachel said...

I'm a clock watcher too. It drives me nuts if I wake up and don't know what time it is. I cover my alarm clock with a pillow or a towel when it seems too bright.

Dem Soldier said...

yap me too....time to have another clock and put it away from the bed....lol

dawnmarie said...

I got a new mattress, and I never have this problem anymore.

but, when I was little, I would look at the clock, and then close my eyes and see how long I could keep them closed for. worked everytime because I'm so competetive that I wouldn't let myself open them.

maybe it has something to do with associations of sharing space with someone? buy new sheets/comforter, etc.

Rocketstar said...


"but, when I was little... I wouldn't let myself open them."

That is too funny, I love it.