Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Act of God

I go to a religious college specifically it is the third Order of Francis of Assisi (A sect of the Roman Catholic Church) Now to be honest I love the school. I have had some of the best professors here in my extensive quest for the real holy grail, the holy grail of knowledge. I actually like the people I am in class with they are great and most days I actually look forward to going.

With that said it is well known that I am an atheist at this school often in conflict with my peers.

All of that was really just a long way to get to the meat of the post.

In our Business Communications class we are studying Crisis Management. The book actually has a section called Planning for Acts of God. It then went on to list them....hurricanes, floods, lightning strikes, tornado's etc. I found it utterly amusing that if their Deity acts it is usually to punished them or inflict pain, death and destruction. You think that the acts of a God worthy of worship would be Feeding people, healing people etc.

I also find it amusing that we are still referring to these well known natural phenomenon as Acts of God.


LAB said...

How do you know there is No God? How do I know there is a God? I guess it all comes down to faith and belief.....

As for the Acts of God...I don't believe that God puts natural disasters out there to hurt humans....but I do think He plays a role in how the Earth works.

Anyway...I don't want to get into a heated debate.....

Best of luck in figuring out that whole "Acts of God" chapter...LOL

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

Very nicely put Brian. I couldn't aggree more. .

Rocketstar said...

I am amazed that people still believe in God.