Thursday, August 16, 2007


Right now the powerball is up to 210 Million dollars. Every time it is over 120 everyone in the office chips in a buck and we play. I noticed an interesting anomaly in the tickets I bought for two different groups of people yesterday. The first group I bought 10 sets of numbers all on one ticket and the second group of ten the cashier printed each number on an individual ticket. The numbers that printed all on one ticket repeated 7 numbers at least twice. The individual tickets did not repeat any numbers.

So I started thinking what is better? In the first scenario if the number 23 was not picked 4 of my tickets could not be winners, with the individual ticket it would have only negated one ticket. But if 23 was picked then I would have much better odds with the all on one ticket....needless to say I could not function for over an hour while I debated this in my head.

I think individual tickets is the way to go and that is what I am doing for Sat. drawing.

If you never hear from me again after Sat. it means this new stategy is right, I have won and I am on a beach in the middle of nowhere.


Yours Truly said...

You think too much. But someday, you'll be richer than me.

I wonder why they were printed on individual tickets?

~paige~ said...

if you do end up on a beach will you please, please send for me. i so want to run away from life right now

Rocketstar said...

I miss being part of these pools, you bastards better not wion now ;o) Always remember that the odds of ANYONE winning in each drawing is 1 in 70 Million. Your individual odds are more than twice as bad.

But I/we play anyway because a dollar to dream is a cheap price.

the108 said...

Let me know if you win as I am in the market for a suga daddy.

EC said...

Remember the little people when you win that money will ya?? ;)