Friday, August 31, 2007

Humanity, Self Preservation and Economics

Friday Question.....

Question: It is 10:00 at night on a Wednesday you have not eaten all day and your gas light comes on as you pull into a quick stop. You have $5 in your pocket and that is all you have to your name. This gas station only has three items for sale..and all other stores are closed till Friday.

1.) Gas 1 gallon = $5
2.) Sandwich = $5
3.) Lottery ticket =$5 (in the lottery bin there are only two tickets left one of them wins you ten dollars the other loses)

As you debate what to do a homeless woman approaches you and asks if you can buy her a sandwich. She has not eaten in a week and is so hungry she can barley stand.

You do not get paid till Friday and will not be able to get gas or eat till you get paid. You don't know if you have enough gas to get home and if you don't drive to work Thursday you may be fired.

You are so hungry you are salivating and you know you will not get another chance to eat for another 48 hours..

What do you buy with your five dollars? Why?


Ma said...

I would buy $5 of gas and the sandwich.... share it with the homeless lady and keep my fingers crossed till Friday
Well because I would feel really assed out if I got the wrong lottery ticket and buying them both to guarantee the $10 winning would land me right in the same place I started - not worth the risk of starvation and loss of job. I hope the $5 in gas is enough to get me to work and back for a couple days... it sounds like discussing carpooling and a small advance in pay are definitely in order Thursday morning 1st thing at the office?

Ma said...

ps do you need to borrow some money or something? haha

Rocketstar said...

you buy the gallon of gas to be abel to get home and back to the gas station on Friday.

Call your good friend Brian to give you a ride to and from work on Thurs and Fri.

Drink a lot of water, it helps with the hunger pains.

Mags said...

I buy a gallon of gas because without a job I am of no use to anyone. After payday I'll make the homeless lady a meal...just hope she's still alive.

Then I'd feel really bad.

Tom said...

I would buy the sandwich, give 22% of it to the old lady, and eat the rest of it myself. I would take my chances on the car getting me back to my home that evening. The next day, I would hikehitchings in order to get to work.

Bill said...

I would give the homless lady the $5, split the sandwich with her, give her my car and ask her to marry me. We could park the car on a hill over looking the ocean, live in the car and would live happly ever-after.

By the way, what kind of car is it. I hope it's a 1968 Belair station-waggon.

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

Buy the gas, at least you know you'll probably be able to get home and to work the next day, then you still have a job, eat the ramen noodles in your pantry that have been sitting there since freshman year of college ( I KNOW you have some!) LOL, and if not, take rockets advice. Stock up on payday so this doesn't happen again.

terri said...

I'm trying to figure out how to answer this without sounding "preachy," but the really selfless thing would be to buy the sandwich and give it to the homeless woman. We always hear how good deeds are rewarded, and I think this one would be a huge leap of faith, but something tells me God would take care of the rest. (Nice theory... but I wonder if in reality I'd be able to truly pull it off, truly have that much faith.)

*Ren* said...

Wow Brian this seems like a question I would ask. I would buy the lotto ticket and hope I won the $10.

If I lost, I would then go beg for money on the street with the starving homeless lady or I could always just flash them for money. Either way I'm sure I would find a way to put gas in my car and get some guy to feel sorry enough for me to buy me (or make me) food. Actually the food part wouldn't bother me as much as the gas. I'd look at not eating as a new celebrity fad diet but I would definetly make sure I had gas to get to work to ensure that I got paid in the future.

SARAH said...

i'd buy gas station burritos in lieu of a sandwich. but i'm all about the food. selfish glutton, here.

the108 said...

I'd give it to the homeless lady because she hasn't eaten in a freakin' week and I have. I can walk to where I need to go and have friends who would help me out. She has nothing. Naturally I'd place a couple of phone calls... one for someone to come pick us up and another to a shelter because you can't just leave a starving woman out on the street to be beaten and raped and killed or starved to death for heaven's sakes. Poor lady. All she needs is a damned place to stay for a bit so she can get cleaned up and get a job and some medical care and then she can start building her life herself.

That's worth a lot more than gas or cheeseburgers, and this coming from e... the sandwich queen of the universe :-)

Dem Soldier said...

Surely, buy the sandwich. 1/2 give it to the homeless woman and eat the rest. I will do what ever I can to get to work on next-day.