Wednesday, August 01, 2007

24 Hours

The 30 Day Challenge

I am getting old and in a depression filled funk of the last 3 years I have played a dangerous and reckless game of chicken with myself. Fast forwarding my life to the finish line to avoid dealing with the tragic mess of my life. I have thought about keeping this a secret. Rocket will be the first to point out all of the times that I have tried to turn my life around and failed but I think I could really use some support.

What is going to happen?

1.) I am on a special diet
Daily regimen
1 Bowl Whole Grain Oat Meal w\ Chopped Fruit on Top
1 Handful of Mixed Nuts
1 Yogurt
1 Piece of Fruit (Apple, Oranges)
1 Large Helping of Vegetables (Spinach Salad with two table spoons of light dressing)
1 slice non processed cheese
1 Piece of meat the size and with of the palm of your hand (red meat only once a week)
1 Cup brown rice or whole grain pasta or baked potato
1 cup of vegetables or fruit
60 -80 oz of water
I also have 200 calories that I can eat what ever I want candy or beer or wine...etc

I am supposed to eat each as its own meal so you end up eating like six small meals a day it sounds crazy and it feels like I am eating all of the time and I never get hungry although in the amount I am eating much less.

(It is so crazy to me to have a dietitian show me what an actual portion size looks so small I felt like I would

2.) Exercise 45 Minutes a day. I got this whole booklet of what I am supposed to do everyday.

3.) No smoking

This is being done under a doctors supervision

I will post the after pictures on here when I am done:)


cooking funda said...

very nice blog.....!!! your tips very useful to everyone.

Rocketstar said...

Dude, you can do it. I look forward to Brian 2.0.

Ma said...

oh come one now.. give yrself a lil credit - are tings rilly dat bad? we rilly need to get together.. I'm pretty good at pep talks - King and I 2night? we can share a dish of carrot sticks... is that in your plan? and water... we can drink lots of water - and pee alot too? haha

Thomas said...

I don't know what the fuck ma's talkin' about, but don't forget to take care of your mental health while you're on this program. You know, think positive thoughts, expand your social network if necessary, shit like that.

Brian in Mpls said...

Rocket: Thanks man:) You find my sis yet?

Ma: We do need to get together King and I sounds good but I can't this week:( What are you doing next Tuesday?

Thomas: That is something that I struggle with a lot I have very few friends for whom health is a primary concern and so I have been working on expanding my circle but it is harder then it any good tips?

Ma said...

well I'm kinda busy next Tuesday... getting together with you that is.. haha I'm a dork!

the108 said...

Bri... if it is support and encouragement you need, I'm here for you. In fact, I have been where you are right now with the dietician thing and the calorie counting and have recently started back up with it since having the baby.

You are an amazing force and I just adore you. I'm sorry that you're in a funky depressive state right now.... you have made me smile so much when I'vce been down and I'm here for you whenever you need me. You've got my email addy :-)

Mags said...

Yay for my sexy luvmeister! You can so totally do this-it'll be hard, but you have the right people and strategies in place and once you start seeing results, you'll excel.

You are amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to.

And also, now we can make out b/c you'll be smoke free. ;)

Thomas said...

Hmm, expanding your circle, yeah, that is not an easy thing to do. I'd google that fucker if you get bored.

Little Sis said...

Brian, we've all been there, and my life is far from perfect as well.

You just have to set your mind that if you're taking care of you and focus on that, the rest will fall into place. It sucks at times, but keep in mind it will get better.

As far as Rocket seeing your previous attempts, trust me he's seen a lot more attempts than you think. (Not just in you ;-) ) And he's still an awesome rock to lean on!

Dem Soldier said...

Wad up brian.

~paige~ said...

way to go brian! i too am committing wholly to a healthier lifestyle.
it is hard to do this but it does pay off.
i think the best advice i can offer (and you may need to remind me of this in the future) is that even if you fuck up one day, you just have to write it off and not let it cause you to fuck up the whole week.
you can do this though. i know it

Renata said...

Yeah Bri this is awesome!!!