Thursday, August 23, 2007


Another Post on Time....see yesterday's post where it all started.

R: But my watch stays the same...

What if time is relative? What if a person, a tree, a rabbit all experience time differently? The watch is set to the time of the cycle of the planets a planet who's duration is in billions of century's handfuls of decades.

If slowing down meant you would live longer would you do it?

What if there really was more to the following sayings then we expect

"Moments that take your breath away"

"Stop and smell the roses"

"Life in the fast lane"

I am starting to believe my professor, "Too much study on any one subject will lead to insanity."


EC said...

I would have to agree with your professor :) But again, you've always been sort of insane (in a good way of course, lol)

Ma said...

and you're just now figuring this out? man I guess you have been studying too long...... time to put the book down and pick the stop watch up, throw it down and break it - let the tick tock tick turn into a tock tick tock..... yes I'm babbling - wasting time I spose!

Rocketstar said...

I love the Prof's saying. I think I am going down that path with the purpose of life.

But I agree, life is too short, too short to do shit that doesn't create joy and happiness.

Thomas said...

Life would seem like an eternity if there were no clocks or watches or schedules in the world. It would be like living in olden times. Try that for a few years and tell me that life is short.

Dem Soldier said...

"Stop and smell the roses" "Life in the fast lane"

Trying to do both when I'm still young and also is still able to not worry much....enjoying life while still taking chances is my motto...It aint easy to manage time, we CAN'T! What matters is how we manage it around our own clocks.

LAB said...

I purposely don't wear a watch and don't have one in my office or displayed on my computer because I don't want to know how much time has passed. The only clock I live by is the one that wakes me up in the morning. Besides that I really don't know what time it is....sad huh!