Monday, August 27, 2007

Cocktail Evolution

Over the last three years my cocktail of choice has slowly digressed from manly to fruity here is that evolution

Makers Mark with a slash of Ice Tea

Tequila and Coke (This made a brief reappearance a few months back when Cuervo black came out)

Vodka Martinis

Vodka Sprites

Absolute Pear and Mountain Dew

Vodka Red bull

and most recently Vodka Cranberry.

This of course does not include shots, beer or morning cocktails which have remained the same for quite some time.

Here is also some shooter etiquette for those looking to buy me a shot.

1.) I love tequila...good tequila. If we are doing this as a shooter please don't buy this for me at the end of the night. Tequila should be done up front when we start drinking. It does not introduce itself well into my blood stream and stomach after a night of hard drinking. At the end of the night stick with something light and easy. May I suggest a St. Anthony, Grape Ape or Pineapple Upsidedown Cake etc.


Mags said...

Mmmm....I LOVE tequilla too. Let's get drunk together.

Thomas said...

Cranberry? What, are you on your period?

Ma said...

hahahaha Thomas' comment made me laugh out loud!!!!!

*Ren* said...

Did you mention the Hard Johnson's? Funny my drink went from Vodka/Soda's to Vodka/Cranberry and I can't get enough of the pinnapple cakes lately:)

theresa said...

I've recently started to fall in love with tequilla. mmm...tequilla

the108 said...

I miss you.