Monday, September 17, 2007

Come Fly the Conservative Sky

I love this line by Lynda White in defense of Southwest Airlines refusing to let a woman in a halter top board,

"If you wear provocative clothing, tattoos, or you smell of alcohol or cigarettes, who's going to believe you?"

So looking sexy, smoking, having a tattoo or smelling like booze also makes you a liar....who knew?

Just for that I am not going to put a napkin in my lap all weekend...what do you think of that Lynda?....(Sorry couldn't think of anything better then that for manners)


the108 said...

Gawd... is she serious???

Rocketstar said...

what is odd ios that the girl felt embarrassed that people were looking at her whne she covered up but had no issue with everyone staring at her becuase she had her tits hanging out.

EC said...

LOL - I think both the woman trying to get on, and the flight attendant are idiots!

*Ren* said...

Her tits weren't even hanging out from what I saw. It was the short ass skirt. Either way I'd like to see what passenger and or airline employee looked like that complained about her. I'm willing to bet that is was some frumpy unatractive person. Either that or some morman who shouldn't be flying out of Utah anyways.

Sure I lie at times but I don't have to look sexy, smell of smoke, show any of my tats, or smell like booze to do it. I think my best lies are perfectly sober;)