Friday, September 21, 2007

Five Predictions for My Life Time

In my life time over the next 50 years if we remain on our current course I predict the following events will occur....

1.) The United States Becomes the Christian Version of Iran
How? The economy collapses causing people to fall back on religion this surge in religion forces out ground breaking research on genetics, bio-chemistry, robotics and computer science in a return to simpler times. The dogma snowballs as scientists leave and people become more fanatical causing further economic ruin.....welcome to the new dark ages.

2.) News Papers, Books, Cd's, DVDs and their brick and mortar selling points will disappear in favor of e-versions.
How? Refresh rates on e-book readers will reach clarity with books, online music will consume the industry and you will download the movies you want to rent as soon as wi-fi blankets the country. (Although I admit there will be second hand niche markets still around but they will be on par with antique shops rather then the Borders you see now)
Remember at some point in history someone said, "I just like my granite engraved slabs better, you can get them wet, they don't fade and they make nice decorations around the house....I will never use paper!."

3.) The government will cap CEO earnings at some times the rate of the lowest employee. This will lead to smaller organization with more highly skilled workers and widen the gap of the haves and have nots.

4.) Mexico and Canada will reach parity with the United States and we will form a North America coalition similar to the European Union.

5.) We will still be in Iraq as we are still in Korea
For some perspective as of this morning the cost of the war in Iraq was $424,551,825,458 Billion Dollars that is enough to buy every American with a Drivers License a $25,000 fuel cell car and still have $80 Billion dollars for research on alternative energy. (We wouldn't have to fight for oil)
It is enough to fund every proposal and grant requested for stem cell research and still pay Health Care for the entire country.

Instead of a War we could have solved the Health Care System, Sent Everyone to College, solved our Energy Crisis, Cured Disease been a leader in Bio-Chemistry in the World. Instead we can settle for images of our flag being spit on in every corner of the Globe.


the108 said...

That's just scurry...

*Ren* said...

Yeah right about #4. We hate Mexico and Canada hates us.

Would be nice, in theory. Are you practicing the Secret by putting your predicions into the universe?

Dem Soldier said...

1,5 already going on.

#3...I hope we can limit American CEOs busting their workers...

Rocketstar said...

1) I'll move to France.
2)I can see it.
3)There are to many RICH people in congress that won't allow thier buddy CEO's endure this.
4) Maybe in many, many years.
5)It's sickening, truly sickening.