Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hippie Smell Revealed

I have a newly formed theory on why hippies smell so bad and look disheveled. I believe this is because of the enormous time it takes to protest, boycott and share ideas. You have to make posters, organize, give speeches, make fliers, contacts and then there is all of the sitting around chanting and singing. All of this comes at the expense of showers, teeth brushing, hair cuts etc.

Then there is the downward spiral do you stay at the protest? or go to work to pay your bills? You don't want to be half a hippie so they cut off your water and electricity now you can't curl your hair or shower even if you wanted to...plus now you have to protest against the energy giants which will require even more time and energy and before you know it you are homeless...living on the streets you smell bad and no one will listen to you because you look crazy.

All of this can be avoided and solved with my new seminar, "Time Management for Hippies"

Only $149.00 per person on pay pal order now this is a limited blog offering only.


Ma said...

trying to take advantage of the hippies are you now?... those poor souls will probably pay off their electricity bill before they pay you the $149 for the seminar don't you think? unless of course you offer a partial credit towards any unpaid bills they have by attending... hmmm that's an idea

Mags said...

What I want to know though, is how they can keep affording to buy that gross hippie juice (as I call it) that makes them smell like ass.

You know the one...Pachouli.

*Ren* said...

Lmao!! I still think the nasty smell is from patchouli oil. Yuck I swear I'd have to get sick on someone wearing that. Imagine the smell after that!!

Natty said...

I love being a Hippie dammit ! (O:

Natty said...

PS: thanks for stopping by as always B...your the best! and I miss yah .!! hope you had a safe and great weekend...I know mine was work consumed, but at least i'm getting paid!