Friday, September 07, 2007

Unfinished Clips

You and Me

Came to me
Like a snipped
Of a dream
Part of a movie
I wasn't old
Enough to see
Blacked out
Shut off
Ushered away

Walk Inside

I walk up and down the rolling hills in a bi-pedal version of a roller coaster. The tall grass singing in the night wind. The moon peaks out of dark clouds, like an eye with fingers in front of it, scared at what it might see. I create an orb of lifelessness around me as the animals scurry in all directions in a radius of fear. They will return when I am all done to pick the part of me you know off of my bones, so my outside matches my inside.


the108 said...

You complete me.

Ma said...

Mmmm this one's made of the lovely stuff... let's hear more of these & WHEN'S YR DAMN BOOK SIGNING SLACKER!!! I'm still waiting!!!! I'm not buying one till you can sign it at a bookstore!!!!!!! damn it

Natty said...

Chia Mimi said...

Thank you Brian,
you're not doing bad yourself ;)