Friday, September 28, 2007

Things I Have Been Poundering

1.) Can a person who grows up poor ever be a true idealist? I have never met one...

2.) When we go to a cashless society how will that effect people who pan handle for money?

3.) What will crime look like in a cashless society? Will it increase or decrease?

4.) Will drug trafficking move to the barter system if no one uses cash anymore? What would I barter?

5.) Who will be on my death pool for next year?

6.) How come some sports make it in some cultures and some don't? Why is football so much bigger then rugby in the U.S? Or racquetball considered more masculine then tennis? I would love to do a matrix one day of every sport and where it is played and where it isn't and analyze why and what that says about the culture but for now I will just keep it to ideas in my head.

7.) How different would the world be and civilization if we lacked the natural resources on this planet to make metal or concrete? How would we travel? What would our transportation look like? Our homes?

Have a great weekend:)


*Ren* said...

1. Peronally I wouldn't really know. Thought provocing question.

2. People will constanly carry around pre-loaded cards. They will be given away instead of cash.

3. Increase, for sure!

4. Do you really want me to say what you would barter???

5. I'm not sure but please let me know. Something tells me you have good intuition about that;)

6. Some countries are smarter than others.

7. You have an active mind to even come up with a question such as that. Time travel devices???

Rocketstar said...

We will never go to a pure cashless system, it won't work.

The sports are all about history. It chnages over time but it takes a lot of time. Look at the increase in Field Hockey and laCrosse.

Mags said...

I'm with Rocket, I don't think we'll ever truly be a cashless society, but if we were, panhandlers would die.

And have you ever seen someone play racketball? The goggles and tight spandex ALONE make it more manly. ;)

Rachel said...

I have to agree with Rocketstar as well. We'll never go completely cashless.

I'd choose Britney Spears for a death pool.

Ma said...

1. What are you trying to say about us po' folks? And is it that you've never met a true idealist or one who grew up poor? I think you need to get out and meet more po' folks, surely you'll find one....

2.Why did you say "When" instead of "If" - do you know details we don't? Why all the new bills if we're going to go cashless? And we still have a years worth of state quarters to release.... there'll be plenty for the panhandlers for a loooong time I think.

3.Isn't crime actually steadily decreasing despite the crazed media coverage that leads us to believe we're living in a horribly crime ridden era? If we go cashless crime will keep decreasing because there will be weird technological advancements that laser beam criminals if they even think of committing a crime... haha

4.Drug dealers will start using PayPal for their business transactions

5.Jeezus you have a death pool?

6.Can't wait to see your matrix think too much :)

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

I'm with Rocket as far as cash goes, though I never carry any.

I'm with Rachel as far as Britney goes.

And since I seem to have no original though today, I think you think way to damn much!

Hey wait,
7) We would ride around Oregon Trail style in buggies and horse driven carriages. ( I know you remember that game in school from the 80's). Our homes would be mud huts, and we'd bathe in lakes. Now doesn't that sound fun? ;-P