Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Honest Bar Tender - Zero Hour

Of the ten people you should know the bar tender might be the most important. Also one of the easiest to cultivate since you can cheaply bribe your way into good graces with tipping better then average.

It is also the relationship that due to circumstances can become the most strained.

I am talking about the cut off point aka zero hour the tipping point between them doing their job of making your feel right and you not being able to walk out of the door.

I have been on both sides of the bar and I believe that the patrons have a responsibility to know their limits too.

I also believe an over ween off is the cowards way out.

If you are a bar tender and someone has too much to drink cut them off. I watched bar tender that I used to refer to as a living legend perform what can only be compared in the real world to a bait and switch. A patron was obviously over line (Wasn't me this time) and I watched the bartender actually pretend to put booze in a glass and fill it up with mixer. In effect giving them a virgin drink without their knowledge.

Now if you are going to pour someone a coke charge them for a coke.

I guess I digress with this rant I just feel like a kid who found out Santa Claus isn't real.


scargosun said...

Do you know that he charged him for a drink with alcohol? Maybe he didn't.

Brian in Mpls said...

I know he did. My bar stool faces the monitor they enter it in and as soon as I saw he did that I grabbed my tab and left. It is so weird because I probably do a lot of things that would be considered unethical but I can't stand people who cheat other people.

h*dizzle said...

general comment..i saw on your profule that one of your faves was fast food nation. me too. i never went to mcd's or any other place like that afterwards. ahh

also i was a kinesiology and nutrition i guess i HAVE to like that book haha

Rocketstar said...

It's a tough call, his intentions are int eh right place.

Travis Erwin said...

This is why I do the majority of my drinking at home or at friends.

JLee said...

That's very clever and smart of that bartender!

Mags said...

See, I think it's ingenious. A little sneaky, but great.

Anonymous said...

Hey stud. I am a bartender and it all depends. If the guy's a douche- I'm charging him for alchohol.

If it was a sweet lil' thang that just accidentally had too much, then I would say- 'These shots are on me." and call it a night.

Anonymous said...

"I guess I digress with this rant I just feel like a kid who found out Santa Claus isn't real."

That's Funny

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends who you're working with--a judgment call. Like will this guy start some shit if I cut him off? Or will he be embarrassed and leave? I am guessing the bartender just wants to keep people happy, including the other patrons, and avoiding a ruckus is probably a good way to do that. But in terms of principle, yeah, cut them off officially.