Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Does Welfare Have In Common with Iraq?

I find it interesting that the war in Iraq is the political opposite of the war on welfare we went through in this country just a few years ago.


Republicans calling across the isle to cut those mother fuckers off cold.

Democrats yelling they are not ready think of the children and the future. The inner cities will explode in violence.


Democrats calling across the isle to cut those mother fuckers off cold.

Republicans yelling they are not ready think of the children and the future. The country will explode in violence.

What can we learn from the welfare crisis that will help us with the situation in Iraq?

1.) You need to offer social support.
2.) You need a time frame to remove support, without a time frame and follow through there is no incentive of the recipient to change.
3.) If you do not set a time table you are basically telling the recipient hat they are a baby and not capable of taking care of themselves...if you treat someone like a child they will behave like a child. Stop undermining the ability for them to lead themselves.
3.) Five years is a good time frame. We sent a man to the moon in five years I think we can get the electricity up and running for a small country in the same amount of time.
4.) We have pissed enough people off over there that there is a strong dictator in waiting that will get the country under control as soon as we leave.


Chez said...

I just love you Brian LOL

Rocketstar said...

I think it is a clusterf*&^%.

At this point, we need the religious fanaticism to take control, fight out the "my islamic views are better than yours" and strife, death and pain that has caused and then it wil settle down.

I love how the press always says "ethnic" cleansing when it is really religious cleansing.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Rocket.

It's a big f*ing mess. I honestly don't think there is an answer, or that we'll win this one. Trying to "bring democracy" to a country where religion and state are intertwined is a losing battle, especially coming from a country who has very poor understanding of the cultural differences.

And the same in both? People trying to take advantage of the system. People working to undermine U.S. work in Iraq, people taking the bus from Chicago to Mpls because the welfare checks are bigger. I think we need to do a better job to identifying a family/person who really is in need. The blanket approach to welfare or war is completely ineffective.

scargosun said...

Very interesting take although I don't agree with Rocke's comment about allowing religious fanaticism to take over. It is NEVER a good idea.

Bill From Gainesville said...

That, my friend, is an awesome analogy. and it is so perfectly on point... its almost the same thing and you are right about expectations.

Mags said...

You are right about at least one thing...#4!! It's a big shit show-I'm not sure it's going to end in a good fashion.