Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekedn ReCap

Friday :

Got my car tuned up. Oil change, New tires, brake pads, etc

Drove to Wautoma, WI

Read by a pool all day until I was burnt and exhausted.

Read: Vagabonding: The Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long Term Travel by Rolf Potts. It really was more of a research guide but it had some great quotes and stories and has made me itchy to once again uproot my life and plant it somewhere else. There is just something about going out into the world on your own time and design that is so life affirming that I can't believe I have been stationary as long as I have..

Drinks: Doggers, Grims



Watched: Premonition It was just ok. The dad was not believable, parts were way to cheesy for this type of movie, there were about a 100 plot and scene discrepancies, I really wanted to like it but you can only try so hard.

Sunday Dinner: Lemon Salad, Ribs


Anonymous said...

That movie sucked. :)

I hear ya on the burned and exhausted. Being at the U.S. Open for two days, all day, will do that to ya too.

Rocketstar said...

Just make sure you watch a lot of "Locked up Aborad" before uprooting yourself. That is what this reminded me of when you mentioned just relocating to somewhere in the world.

Travis Erwin said...

Lemon salad?

Give me extra ribs.

Thomas said...

Don't get too crazy about uprooting your life and heading off to who-knows-where, B-man. Let us not forget the story of Chris McCandless whose story was the basis of the book and movie "Into the Wild".

JLee said...

I didn't much care for "Premonition" either. I should have warned you. ha

JLee said...

...but do check out the movies I mentioned on my blog! (I sound like a commercial/spam)

Mags said...

I am actually interested in this lemon salad. Please provide me with a recipe. Then I will come to Mipples to feed it to you so that you can test it out. :)

But seriously-spill...