Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sound Of It - Wino

Assume the following are all equal amounts which sounds like you drank more?

A.) Two Glasses of Wine
B.) A Couple Glasses of Wine
C.) A Half Bottle of Wine

How about this...

A.) A Whole Bottle of Wine
B.) A Bottle of Wine
C.) Four Glasses of Wine

Just curious I notice the wording makes a difference even thought the amount referenced is the same....weird huh? Which sound like the most in each group to you?


~Sheila~ said...

In the first set:

A Half Bottle of wine

In 2nd:

A whole bottle of wine.

Glass amounts of wine don't really mean anything to me since I'm not a wine drinker. But thinking someone drank a half or whole bottle of anything sounds like more.

Travis Erwin said...

C and A

Rocketstar said...


SARAH said...

half bottle
4 glasses

Anonymous said...

B & B: couple glasses wine, and a bottle of wine (and after that I'm about ready to get started drinking)

JLee said...

C and A...
they're probably all the same, right.

Anonymous said...

Whole typically makes something sound very big. The "whole enchilada" etc..

Ma said...

Mmmmm wine (in Homer Simpson type voice)