Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Don't Feed The Children

This is going to sound heartless and cold not to mention cruel and evil.

I am sorry but please do not feed the children.

If giving people food is the only good deed you are doing for the world please stop.

All you are doing is prolonging an existing problem by insuring that people will live long enough to breed more people. No problem is being fixed.

The people who are living are still not being educated, the governments are still corrupt, war lords are still in charge and people unable to affect change are still breeding more people.

Any animal that breeds more infants than its habitat can support faces starvation. We are no exception.

As much as you might think this is elitist and demonic, my true enemy is not the children, is not specific regions, it is charities who are taking peoples money and promising them feel good returns and not solving any problem of consequence. The world remains on a liner collision course. They say that one person saved could hold the cure for cancer.....he also has to be educated, etc. just surviving to live long enough to breed may actually deplete the resources needed by that one person to go to school to cure cancer.

It is easy to send someone a bag of rice. A lot harder to create doctors, education, industry, infrastructure, medicine, systems of checks and balances.

You are shooting an elephant with a b-b gun....please Don't Feed the Children.

If you insist on charity work look for something with a little bigger impact.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

What if they are thirsty? Can we give them beer? That's got SOME nutritional value.

Anonymous said...

At least some of those programs are a full solution--education, food, shelter. Without basic human needs satisfied, there is no way someone can start thinking about better schools, political stability, sexual responsibility, environmental viability. It's an interdependent system, but a necessary part of that is food.

The reality is that while the World Bank does a little, they have all but given up on many part of Africa. Sex education programs have been successful when educating women; this has also reduced AIDs spread. Environmental impact prevents more technically advanced sharecropping efforts, so it is hard to get people to provide for themselves.

But yes, there are better options where more money is applied to the cause, like that woman who is educating children who live in the garbage dumps in Thailand.

JLee said...

Sometimes people don't see the big picture. It's like local charities that constantly call me (because I've given to various ones in the past) I always ask what percentage actually goes to the cause and you'd be shocked how little actually does...maybe 15%.

scargosun said...

Hmmm...I do agree with this to some extent (well mostly really) but there is still a part of me that so wants to help that person. Jlee has an excellent point. If you are going to give, do it responsibly and check up on the charity first.

oestrebunny said...

I actually agree with you a lot on this. That's why I give to animal charities.

Rocketstar said...

Liek Sam Kennison once said, "Hey people, (referring to the starving people of Africa)move to twhere the food is. You live in a desert, food doesn't grow there!)

Ma said...

I totally agree - and funny that you mention this, it's the exact conversation we had in the breakroom the other day....
and if anyone must donate - please be aware that I am accepting all large sums and will put it to damn good use

Ma said...

ps and don't worry I won't feed my child (or anyone else's for that matter) with any of it

Reggie said...

Interesting point on several levels. Not only is it fiscally irresponsible, but which is worse: a slow painful death, or a slow painful life?