Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Inside This Box

Inside this Little Box

This box is tease of sorts.
It brings me into pseudo contact.
Cardboard acquaintances once removed
The illusion of community
Virtual Stimulation of my synaptic curiosities
A world horizon of information,
It is roll-playing
Dungeon's and Dragons style
This is who you created
You are an avatar
You are virtually two dimensional
All inside this little box
Everything out of reach
A one sided lap dance of conversations carved into a comment box of a life.

The funny thing is you know me better then that who shakes my hand.


Inside this little box.


Rocketstar said...


Travis Erwin said...

This is great and yeah in many aspects readers of my blog do know me better than those I encounter face to face each day.

Tara said...

I love it Brian! Truly creative!

Anonymous said...

Words I picked out of this:

-Lap Dance

Anyway, ditto--reflects my own experiences. But sometimes that box includes more truth under the guise of that "out of reach."

scargosun said... need to read my post a little more scorpions in PA.

Unless the band got back together and are playing dive bars.

Bill From Gainesville said...

It is kind of weird -- I dont think its bad though, but I could see if you completely stayed in the box all the time that would be bad. I like to have both, a real life and a blogging life and I actually work to make them harmonious -- I dont think if you never went in the box that would be bad. In fact most people DONT blog. Sure there are tons and tons of blogs, but in the overall scheme of things its just a tiny percent. ..... This has made me think about this .... so thanks Brian....

JLee said...

I love it...and can relate to it. You have such a way with words!