Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lifes Lake

I am standing on this bridge that goes over a huge water way.
I look out into and endless sea of fishing bobbers
Bobbers getting pulled under occasionally by a nibble.
Some reappear
Some don't
Sometimes the stress on the line
Causes it to snap
When I look closer I can see bobbers are human heads
Burnt red by the sun
Pulled under by bottom feeders
They scream as they go under
But it is that distorted scream
The one you can only barley make out under water
More of a frequency of terror and distress
Then anything verbal
I see my face in the sea
I am going under
A short bob
Then I am back again
A longer bob
I don't have much time
Where is fucking fisherman?
Where is my pole
Some body reel this in.
I am watching myself drown
In temptation
From the edge of a bridge.


Thomas said...

Stay away from the light!!

Coconut said...

...waiting for someone to rescue you? Why don't you just stand up?