Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vodka is the Bartels and James of Hard Liquor

MTRR - I am a vodka drinker

Vodka by definition is a clear, colorless, orderless and tasteless liquor. In theory at least the more expensive the vodka the closer to the taste of water it is supposed to be.

(I say in theory because in 23 taste testings I have given not a single person has been able to correctly identify and correlate 6 different types of vodka by blind taste test.)

This got me to thinking if vodka is supposed to be colorless and orderless making the taste invisible to the user what is the difference between a vodka drinker and a person who consumes Bartel's and James because, "they don't like the taste of liquor"

This made me think..Is there a type of person who is more likely to be this kind of person? I will call this person a skip to results person or an invisible drunk.

For example this person like to be drunk or buzzed but not the process of getting there. They don't enough liquor for it sake but rather the by-product and try to achieve that by-product as painlessly as possible.

Does the invisible drunk exhibit this behavior in other aspects of their life like sex? Concerned only about the orgasm rather then enjoying the process of getting to the orgasm?

Do I savor the ride? Or dive to the result?


Reggie said...

It is my drink of choice as well. I don't know which vodka you drink, but I can always taste it. In fact, I tend not to "mix" the good stuff so that I can savor it.

I get where you are going though. I would have to disagree and lump beer and "frou-frou" drinkers into the "invisible drunk" category. And, yes, I think it is for appearance sake only...get there as fast as possible so I can blend with the herd.

Rocketstar said...


Anonymous said...

I love vodka... cheap expensive it just does not matter to me.

(but I also love beer, wine, rum, scotch... etc...)

Anonymous said...

It depends on my mood. If I'm out and wanting to dance and just be drunk, I drink a shit-ton of vodka (rail is fine). If I'm wanting to feel a buzz, but spend less money and not have to go to the bar a lot, I get dirty martinis (with Belvedere only). If I actually want to taste my drink, it's got to be good wine or beer. I guess I've never understood people that drink the same thing all the time.

Likewise, there are times to dive to the result or times to savor.

Thomas said...

I wish there was a pill you could take to get buzzed. Wait, there probably is, but I mean one that would make you feel liquored up without having to drink and without the hangover. The man who invents this will be a rich man.

Coconut said...

I drink vodka because it is the only liquor I can still stomach. Gotten sick from everything else too many times.

Bill From Gainesville said...

This makes me think. Most of the time when I am drinking it is the buzz I am after. Sex however is all about the journey

Mags said...

I can't drink vodka. I don't think it's tasteless at all-it makes me rear my head back and make the ick face.

I'm a tequila kind of girl myself.

Kyra said...

You're not supposed to be able to taste vodka? Because I always have been able to, and I don't like it.

But I'm a wine drinker. :)

SARAH said...

vodka is my liquor of choice as well. greyhounds, mmmmmm...

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.