Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Read....Just to make sure I finished it by Breakfast Tomorrow;)

Tailgate:) My Sister was in town from Denver so it was a must.


Finished Reading 1421 The Year China Discovered America, by Gavin Menzies

Three things I learned

1.) it is better to have moderate advances then grand ones especially if you are a leader depending on taxes from millions of people who are on the poverty line.
2.) The north star only works for navigation in the northern hemisphere.
3.)The plants and animals described by the author as evidence could have been brought over the artic land bridge during the last migration, this could also explain why DNA is so similar in specific pockets between Indians and Chinese.
4.) You can always see what you want to see in the evidence and it still might not be true.

At the end of the book though I was kind of like so what.. The sample thing has happened in mathematics and chemistry with the Arabs and Muslims, Building techniques with the Egyptians, Democracy with the Greeks. While it was interesting the evidence was iffy and causality was weak. Plus does is really matter if no colonies where established or historical imprint left?

Went to Canterbury Downs Watched some races in the New York Life Box

Drank a bottle of wine and home and just kind of stared off into space until I was completely ravaged by mosquitoes.

Went into work to do a couple of application rebuilds.


Watched: In Burges. This was a great movie and one of the best endings I have seen in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Good to see your reading commitment. ;P

Rocketstar said...

Check out "The Business of Being Born" documentary, very good if it is of interest to you

Thomas said...

Hey, Brian, weren't you on Soul Train many years ago? Or do I have you confused with somebody else?

Anonymous said...

That was all you did on Sunday was watch one movie... there are many hours in the day?

Brian in Mpls said...

Thomas: I wish I was on soul train:)

JP: Well I also watched the twins game and then ran out to Lucky 13 for a sandwich afterwards with my roomate but for some reason I was too tired to type that:)

h*dizzle said...

weird...i went to denver for the weekend!