Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Man Decisions.

Almost everyday men are confronted with the following decision

Normally the thought process should go like this....I am 5 foot nothing I should use the toilet for shorter people.

But for some reason this never happens. i hate going into the bathroom and seeing short people at the bigboy urinal. Don't do it. If I use the little pee that has to fall that far tends to splatter and spray. As you can imagine this is not a desirable effect.

If I go into the bathroom and there is a shot guy using the tall toilet I will actually wait for them to finish even if all of the other toilets are open.

It is ok you are short deal with it.

If not you henceforth run the risk of me peeing on your shoe.


terri said...

I've never understood the urinal. I'm glad women only have stalls. I would NOT be able to pee out in the open like that.

Then again, women's restrooms DO always have the longest lines. Still, I'd rather wait.

Thomas said...

I tend to gravitate to the lil' urinals. Leave the big ones to the "big" boys! You know what I'm sayin'...

Rocketstar said...

Ok, so here is what i am thinking. First, you say it splatters which tells me you are not peeing down the inner side of the toilet to avoid spraying.

Also the distance factor would mean that the acceleration of gravity causes the pee to accelerate enough to make a difference in thast short of a distance, which I woudl bet doesn't realy exist.

If I was still in 9th grade physics we could do the math. velocity = distance travelled x the pull of gravity or somethign like that.

I am aveerage hieght, 5'9" and I use the shorter one because the distance allows me to better angle the stream down the sides, creating no splatter.

So were you the urinator?, mad at the wolrd for forcing you to go in the short stall sometimes ;o)

Brian in Mpls said...

I have come to the conclusion that there were multiple urinators. He did not act alone I am thinking a spotter with a cell phone out side the door and maybe someone else on the inside

Travis Erwin said...

I'm a big urinal guy all the way.

scargosun said...

I am sorry that you guys have this much to think about when in the rest room.

M. said...

Wow. I had no idea. You learned me something new today.

leroy m said...

You need to study the Short Man Syndrome (aka Napoleon Complex)

The Short Man cannot use the lower urinal because it would further plant into his mind that, indeed, it was designed for him in the first place.


At one client site, I observed a men's bathroom that I am quite sure was designed by a female architect (not a sexist remark - just an observation)

Here are the observations that led me to the conclusion:

1) There was a full-height partition between the door and the urinal. If you weren't paying attention and the urinal was occupied, you could easily rear-end the occupant. Not a good thing.

2) In the stalls, the infrared flush valve was mounted low enough that with the seat up, the toilet wouldn't flush. This wouldn't be an issue in a woman's bathroom.

So many things in life to worry about!! :)