Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Had some friends in town from Milwaukee and took them to the finest drinking establishment in the world - Tailgate (Talked them into sponsoring Fall Kickball:)


Breakfast @ IKE's seriously all you can eat for $15 it is off the hook.

Cursed for about an hour trying to drive around the city and every road was either closed for construction of because of the stupid Triathlon.

Went to Lake Calhoun

Read - The Drunkards Walk - How Randomness Rules Our Life, by Leonard Mlodinow. I loved this book before I even picked it up.

What are there more words of? 5 letter words ending with "N", or 6 letter words ending with "ING"?

Dinner @ Britts

Drinks @ On Solera's roof top, Imperial Room and Rosens


Slept all day like a bum.

Watched Vantage Point. This movie was pretty good. It was just what I was in the mood for some mindless action from a different angle that didn't make me think too hard.

Dinner and Wine @ Shiraz. It was a belly dancing convention seriously how can you pass that up? Hot. I am seriously thinking about moving to Turkey.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Between 5 being closed, 94 backed up thru St. Paul and all the city streets blocked off for the triathalon - I was ready to murder somebody.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a delicious weekend!

Tara said...

Sounds like a great weekend...minus the construction!

Boriquaz said...

You've been nominated check out my blog. stop partyin so much

Boriquaz said...
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Rocketstar said...

What % of income do you spend on food and drink?

I guess I have too much frugality in me. Is that a word, frugality?

Brian in Mpls said...

Not as much as you would think. I tend to go to places where I know the bar tenders pretty well and never spend more then $100.00 when I am out.

What did I win? I didn't see anything was it an awesome award for being so awesome?

Brian in Mpls said...
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h*dizzle said...

geez you always go to tailgate,eh?!

Brian in Mpls said...

Usually I go every Tuesday after softball and then Friday night for happy hour.

h*dizzle said...

ps Spin and bday weekend bash (ill post about it soon!) was off the hoook..why didn you make an appearance geez!hehehe

ps i love lake calhoun!

Mags said...

Sounds like a fun weekend B! I think I'm going to have to check out that randomness book-it looks great. :)