Friday, February 20, 2009

Business Idea #254132 -

Premise: Women love flowers and presents at ransom times throughout the year as well as on their birthdays and anniversary

Men often suck as fulfilling this obligation.

So is born the website because I love

Here is the premise for a monthly subscription charge you get to enter your significant other, mom or who ever you want to sign up into the interface.

You enter their birthday, anniversary, name, shipping information, generic message for cards... etc.

Then you select a package.

1.) Cute

2.) OMG


3.) Prince Fucking Charming

The packages correspond to the size of the arrangements that the recipient will receive.

Then on 3 (semi)random dates the recipient will get flowers sent to the them, they will also get flowers sent to them on their birthday and their anniversary.

The beauty of this system is you are just an order taker you then forward the orders onto a flower wholesaler and distributor whom you have a contract with who will then ship the flowers to the recipient.

You are basically driving traffic for a flower distributor and getting cash.

Take out a few ad's in Men's Fitness, Etc.. and you are up and running.

Anyone know a flower retailer other then Bachman's who kind of laughed and screwed me when I approached them about Wholesaling?


Rocketstar said...

I remember this idea from the good old days, one of your best. I wonder if approaching a company like or the like would be possible. They already have the distribution set up, I just don't know how you approach them and protect your idea from being stolen.

Ma said...

I love how you started out by saying "at ransom times" instead of "random times"..... your typos are so funny sometimes

Ma said...
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Ma said...
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Brian in Mpls said...

Rocket: I really thought this one had a lot of potential. I think I just need to team up with some people who are good at getting this stuff off the ground. It is like I have all these ideas but no network to help carry them out...

Ma: that is a funny slip

Helen said...

Great Idea...

MJ said...

I think that's an awesome idea!

Chazya said...

Its an excellent idea.

Might try first getting people to agree to sign up so you have a few customers to show these wholesalers that you have the clients waiting for their orders.

Wholesalers like that, you need to have wholesalers see that you have the money waiting for them.

In a men's magazine would be good.

When you are ready for advertising let me know. I have some connections. I could get you some deals and good traffic. I could also refer you to a good website designer and content writer.

Chazya said...

Here is how to get your idea out there.

first, copyright it.

Then, get at least 100 guys to sign up for it. a minimum of 100 gives you a minimum of 600 orders in the next year.

other businesses like to talk when they see a price sticker.

600 orders is roughly 2400 to 3500

that amount should get their attention

third, get a website set up. Wordpress only costs $256 per year to register a domain name and about $6 per month for hosting. with a vip account you can design the web page any way you like it.

fourth, get a good designer and possibly a pr person.

If you need references for those, let me know. I'll hook you up.

Purest Green said...

Truly a grand idea. This is my favourite of your business sparks. I do hope you are able to get this up and running. it's such a good idea I am terrified on your behalf that someone might beat you to it.
Go, Brian, go!