Thursday, February 05, 2009

Failure of Logic #7654398 - None of my Pens Work!!

I always crack up when people keep pulling pens that have been laying horizontal in a drawer out and try to write with them.

They make huge swirly marks on paper and often resort to swearing.

They do this in the name of trying to get them to

"Do we have any pens that fucking work around here!?!"

Here is a piece of advice...... pens work on gravity. Try keeping them vertical, perhaps in a cup on your counter with the tip of the pen pointing down and this problem will solve itself.

They are not meant to be kept in drawers laying flat.

This has been a public service announcement.


Rocketstar said...

They should switch to pencils like the folks in the space station.

Coconut said...

Nice PSA.

Pan Historia said...

Ah, this is a beautiful thing. I just swore and raved only three days ago about all my pens failing to work after pulling them out of the drawer.

Now I know why and ... duh.

Wyatt at Pan Historia

cher said...

haha. that is so true. have you seen people pull out a lighter to heat up the tip to get it going?

PorkStar said...

MPLS: Minneapolis? (Sorry just saw your blog)

just a girl... said...

lol thanks for sharing.

Sornie said...

Wait a minute, all of my upside down pens are in the wrong storage position? Dammit!

Charlotte said...

Except when you store them upside-down, some of them leak. Then you have ink all-over the place. I won't tell you how I know this.