Wednesday, February 04, 2009

George of the Rainforest?

Somewhere in my life time all of the jungles of the world were replaced by rainforests, all of the animals were replaced by wildlife, and all of the swamps became wetlands.

Isn't that magical that someone can clean up the entire world just by switching the names?


Rocketstar said...

That is a great observation.

If you haven't make sure you check out the Planet Earth series on Discovery in HD, it is amazing footage, the best I have ever seen.

Ma said...

thank you for the insight.... I will be re-naming some things this very day

Thomas said...

Exactly, and I'm not a liberal, just progressive. :P

Sornie said...

A swamp has green scum on it and smells terrible. Wetlands have bids making noise and cattails growing and only faintly smell.