Thursday, December 17, 2009

Git Mo or Git Less

Isn't it curious how fast we forget?

The reason for housing prisoners in Gitmo was because they were denied their due process under the constitution of this county. The gace they were in prison was a violation of the civil rights we send soldiers to protect. They had to be held outside of this country because the very fact that they were arrested without due process of law and contained without rights afforded to all of us.

Is it funny that the moving of the prisoners only elicits the response. "are we safe?" rather then, "is it right?"

The largest part of our legal system rests on case law. We are about to set a precedent and the most vocal of the people leading us and our destiny can only say yeah it will give up rights....but it will create jobs....

Live from Waterloo IA

Bizzio Von Stuffensnatch

So apparently we will go silently..into that good night.


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Sundar said...

Anon above is somebody who can be put in Gitmo and nobody will complain...

Rocketstar said...

I thought Bush denied them (some of them US CITIZENS!!) their due process because we could call them 'enemy combatants"?